At Cats' Inn, the owner lives on the premises. The cats receive individual attention and care.  Special needs and diabetic cats are welcome.  Prescribed medications can be administered. 

Your cat will stay in a large one or two floor cage with a shelf.  When your cat is eating and drinking and comfortable, he or she will be offered the option to come out of the cage and explore the room.  Some cats are ready to explore, some prefer the cage.  It is up to your cat to choose.  Your cat will be fed as often as you choose.  

Boarding Services

Two levels of boarding are offered:
Short term boarding is for cats staying for a month or less.  Vacations, business trips, allergic house guests, parties, or home remodeling are some of the reasons for short term boarding. In the event of a disaster such as fire or flooding, most homeowners insurance will cover the cost of boarding until you and your pets can move back into your house.

Long term boarding is for cats staying longer than a month.  If there is a personal or financial crisis such as a long illness, foreclosure, eviction, etc., steeply discounted long term boarding is an option for owners who do not want to surrender their cat to a shelter. Long term boarding is also an option for extended vacations (over one month).

Whatever option you choose, your cat will be treated with love and respect.  

Vaccines must be current
Bring your cat's food
Cats' Inn will provide litter, bowls and blankets

Boarding and Grooming for Cats at Liberty Bell Farm
Caring for your best friends

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 •Boarding –
Special needs or Medicated Welcome

•Discounted long term boarding

•Grooming – 
Lion cut, nail trim, mat treatment, and bathing.